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Who am I? Why am I carrying a person? And do you mind if I speak about myself in the third person?


Allen is a resident cast member at Go Comedy Improv Theater in Ferndale and Pointless Theater in Ann Arbor, plus he’s in a bunch of other great troupes! Come watch Allen do an improv show and be all holy crap how did he make these things up he is so good at making things up!

Stand up comedian

Allen is known for his silly, convoluted wordplay but he does other stuff too. Wow the jokes he tells! You will listen to them and be like, how did he come up with these jokes? He must have used a thesaurus!

Sketch Comedy Actor

Allen plays such big characters you will be like, oh man! He must eat a lot! Most recently seen in Where the Skywalk Ends at Go Comedy Theater in Ferndale, MI.


Oh man he is a podcaster too! Go listen to his parody stock market analysis podcast called the Up or What Podcast it’s on iTunes and stuff and it’s really good!

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About Allen

This is a biography some other comedians wrote about me. It's probably true.

Allen Smock is one funny piece of pure sexual energy. When he's not fighting off his many admirers, he's on stage making the people laugh or at least say "Oh that was interesting, not quite funny, but definitely interesting." He's accepted his mortality after opening for comedy phenom, Zachary Stein. Allen has a brain for business and a bod for sin. He thinks Paul Krugman looks pretty good in them jeans. When his mind isn't on his money, it's on the funny; and Allen only wants to make observations all up in you so good. So good baby.

Look at these stock photo people

They came with this theme and seem like nice people.
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Project Manager
I doubt Ashley is this model’s real name. Look how she holds down that phone though. She could totally be managing projects, am I right?
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Art Director
A backpack and a hat? Wow Timothy really nails the art look! He is probably hiking to get some cool shots for the project that Ashley is managing!
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Account Manager
Look at Tonya! She is all black and white, just like your account. I wonder if her and Jason have a thing. Look at how she’s looking over at him.
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Business Development
Jason is gonna develop the shit out of your business. You see those glasses? He’s looking down at a business account right now. Probably broke up with that girl he cropped out of the photo because he was too busy making business or maybe because Tonya.


Real life things people have said about me.

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